Are You Supposed To Believe The Scriptures

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The Scriptures is the only one by itself in the world. There are quite a few translations out there in print, sure, but even so there is only one Scriptures, and this one is based from a discovered scroll many many years ago. Try this. Go to the nearest bookstore, and you will surely find dozens of books trying to refute the teachings of the Scriptures, that the Scriptures is a complete lie, and that the Bible verses for graduation is so old it's teachings no longer apply to our modern world.


But the issue here is that most people have never even seen any of these books. They have not read the Bible verses for graduation either. Who has the patience to read through the Scriptures these days? Who has the patience for anything? They just assume that the opposite is right: the Scriptures is a joke. It is not something you should put your faith in.


So why even discuss it? Truth is the Scriptures is something you can put your faith in. Isn't that what religion is all about? Faith.


One way to look at the Scriptures is to study the prophecies. No other faith book—no other books, for that matter—has guessed prophecies on a scale this broad and wide that the only way to make sense of it all is to believe and have faith that the Father indeed created the Scriptures to guide mankind to salvation.


For example...


In 538 BC, Daniel the prophet said that the Father's child, the Son of God, Jesus Christ, would arrive to save the Jews from the emperor of Persia and help them rebuild their holy city of Jerusalem. A hundred years later, the prophecy was fulfilled. Is there any other way to explain this?


The Scriptures tells of prophecies fulfilled all over the world. There are prophecies fulfilled in small towns, big cities, and sometimes in the scale of an entire country, all of which are described in the Scriptures in great detail. In the first coming alone, the Scriptures describe more than 300 prophecies by the Son of God, Jesus Christ.


Unlike prophecies in cryptic messages, the Scriptures clearly tell these topics well before science has succeeded proving them. The Scriptures is indeed true and holy. It is the word of the Father and there is no denying that. To have faith in the Scriptures is to have faith in the Father.


Do you believe in the Scriptures now?

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Are You Supposed To Believe The Scriptures

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This article was published on 2011/08/07